Best internet. Best services.

Fibrenoire offers a specialized unswitched fibre optic installation service to meet all telecommunications needs.

Nothing’s better than the Internet over fibre optic.


In order to be transparent with clients, Fibrenoire makes available as much relevant information as possible. Such access to information must be controlled with different permission rules. Our solution: a central system that organizes, validates and acts as a mediator between all computer systems necessary to business performance.

In a word, working with Caravan is simple. They are flexible, agile and qualified, three fundamental criteria to blend perfectly with our projects.”

Jean-François Lévesque, CTO

Solution & technology

We are currently developing a REST API that allows communication between their client portal and their different business tools (ERP, graphing tools, Zendesk).
The technologies we used : Python (Django Rest Framework), MySQL, Jenkins and Google Cloud services for hosting.