Caravan is a cooperative of committed workers and an incubator of ideas where collective knowledge fuels innovation. Through an iterative process, close collaboration, and long-term vision, we deliver customized solutions that adapt to your changing needs.

The people

What we do

+ Interface development+ Adaptive web application+ Mobile application (Ionic)

+ API development+ System architecture+ Prototyping

+ Process automation+ Technical analysis

+ User experience design (UX)+ User interface design (UI)

+ Mobile application design+ Visual identity design

Our approach/methodology

We combine multiple work approaches and methodologies to achieve a unified vision for delivering incredible products that meet our clients’ needs.

Lean UX

Lean UX is an iterative and innovative design approach that focuses on the user. It is holistic and considers the needs of all stakeholders.


The Agile approach relies on iterative and adaptive development cycles based on the client’s changing needs. It allows all contributors and the client to get involved in the project’s development.

Dual Tracks

The Dual Tracks approach brings together two Scrum teams: one to explore and design and another to implement the first team’s findings. This ensures that the client’s needs are properly met.


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