Caravan is a digital cooperative that believes in the power of great ideas, the importance of beautiful design and the value of insight-led strategy. Since 2012, we've moved organizations forward with the user experience and software engineering expertise of our dedicated product teams.

The people

What we do

+ Digital Strategy+ Brand Strategy+ Product Strategy

+ Content Strategy+ Social Strategy+ E-commerce Strategy

+ Technology Assessment+ Analytics & Measurement

+ User Experience Design+ Interface Design+ Mobile Design

+ Brand Design+ Motion Design+ Game Design

+ Digital Video+ Content Design

+ Interface Development+ Web Application+ Mobile Application

+ E-commerce systems+ CMS+ API Development

+ System architecture+ Prototyping

Our Approach

We blend user experience expertise with agile software development to form a single, cohesive team to design, implement and test results with actual customers.

Lean UX

Through analysis, research and discovery we take time to assess your requirements, budget and timeline in order to define which solution will achieve optimal value and returns on your investment.


Using short two-week sprints, we focus on deliverables and aim for quick demonstrations. With feedback from stakeholders, we make sure the team is on the right track.

Dual Tracks

User experience specialists work as an integrated part of the discovery team and focus on building and validating prototypes, which serve as spec for the delivery team. Using dual-track agile means lower costs and less reworking.

Organizations we work with:


Our place located in Mile-end allows us to offer dedicated desks for small budget entrepreneurs starting at $250/month!

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