Python or PHP, which one has the best future in IT? Is there a right and wrong? Let’s walk our way through a Pros and Cons.


  • Easy to pick up with
  • Backbone of most of Web 2.0
  • Natural extension of HTML
  • The growing community has answered any questions and kindly gives out solutions
  • Will match almost any projects
  • Quickly develop apps


  • Tricky syntax, if you miss an indent you are done
  • Exploited for platforms and heavy-lifting
  • A can-do attitude meaning there’s lots of way to come up with the same solution
  • Huge developer network across the world
  • Good for multithreading
  • Django library is absolutely brilliant

There’s no denying that PHP is a fundamental tool that every developer should know, PHP is a basic, its community will keep growing and hopefully making updates to keep it from going obsolete.

Python seems to be the right fit for more complicated larger projects, as it is very flexible. Python is a battle tank, if you know how to maneuver it will take you anywhere safe and sound.