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Caravan is a web and software cooperative

Something new!

It’s here! After months of preparations and many hours of hard work, we are proud to...

Estimote Beacon

Yet another toy for our Makers: the estimote beacon! Internet of Things has a lot of hype, but it...

Caravan offer web development services

Nailing those 301

Obsolescence is unavoidable, might as well just accept it and become an expert at redirecting...

Raspberry Pi projects

Raspberry Pi is a nano-computer, the size of a credit-card that works with Linux, it’s...

Templates are a Designer nemesis

Let's talk about the overuse of UI templates, and how they are seriously threatening creativity.

Caravan is building web app and software with python language

Will Python kill PHP?

Python or PHP, which one has the best future in IT? Is there a right and wrong? Here's our Pros and Cons!