We know the way

Caravan has a can-do attitude, we love challenges and believe that everything is possible. Clients trust in our expertise to always find the right tools that perfectly fit projects requirements. We use modern management methods such as lean, rapid prototyping and dual-track scrums in order to meet deadlines other call impossible.

Transparency is key

Transparency is part of our core values, we give our clients an ongoing access to our management tools thus delivering insights of productivity and budget in real-time. Any information or process that can be made ​​available will be.

Dedicated team

Caravan is a melting-pot of experienced individuals. Our combined skills includes: Strategy, UX/UI design and software engineering. Our lean approach enables us to offer competitive pricing while assembling efficient, dedicated teams in order to launch products respecting tight deadlines. We take dedication to the next step by working in-house and providing coaching services to help clients establish product internally.

Always ready

We are always ready to deploy a dedicated team to work on your project. We have created a company run by its members, which is a reflection of our values ​​and where the working environment is respectful and friendly



We designed a responsive website, built on a CMS, that delivers a better User Experience and consistency with Escape brand.